JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Some students in the Jackson-metro area received free guitars and lessons thanks to a local studio.

Six lucky students from Casey Elementary School were gifted brand new acoustic guitars with the inaugural give a guitar for Christmas.

“As a music and arts academy, we believe that music and arts is for everyone. And so, we were thinking about what a great Christmas project could be to be involved in. So, we started a give a guitar for Christmas project, and our students and families came together and donated money for this project and helped us give these guitars to these students. And then as a studio, we are providing the lessons for four months for them as well after Christmas,” said Mitchell McGinness, owner of 601 Studios.

The students were chosen at random after previously expressing interest in playing the instrument. With the school having a key focus on implementing the arts, they emphasize creative methods of learning.

“We integrate the arts through all of our content areas science, social studies, math and L.A., and with this exposure, our scholars are able to become creative thinkers, problem solvers, and they also are exposed to the arts, and it gives them a different type of, I guess, instructional experience,” said Arts Coordinator Alfie Clark.

Altogether, 601 Studios gave away nine guitars along with four months of free guitar lessons to Jackson Public School (JPS) students.