JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Your Thanksgiving dinner will likely cost more than it did just a year ago. Now with less than a week before Thanksgiving, many families are considering cutting back this Turkey Day.

This Thanksgiving could be the most expensive one in years. The American Farm Bureau Federation completed its Thanksgiving cost survey this week. According to the survey, the average Thanksgiving dinner for 10 is more than $64.

“It’s up about 20% from last year. And last year it was up 14% from the year before. So, that’s a 36% increase in 2 years,” said Chief Economist Roger Cryan at American Farm Bureau Federation.

Essential Thanksgiving items like dairy products, pie shells, and of course turkeys will likely cost more than last year. Families in the metro area said they’ve been spending more at the grocery store for months, so their Thanksgiving may look a litter different this year.

“It’s beyond ridiculous right now, because Thanksgiving is going to be a little short this year. Everybody has to bring something. You can’t come in here empty handed because it’s too expensive,” said shopper Darryl Hobson.

There are several factors behind the increased food prices, and with the recent spike in bird flu cases, finding as turkey large enough for the whole family to have leftovers could also be a challenge.

“There’s more supply of smaller birds. There have been challenges in turkey production this year associated with general supply chain issues as well as health challenges. Turkey is only down 2% from a year ago, so there may be smaller turkeys. It may be harder to find a big bird. But at the same time, given the price increases, a lot of families may be looking for a small bird to manage the budget on this meal,” said Cyran.

When the survey was conducted last month, the average price for as 16-pound turkey was nearly $29. But over the past few days, the prices have slightly come down, and economists expect turkey prices to continue decreasing as we get closer to thanksgiving.