Use these tips to maintain weight during the holiday season

Home for the Holidays


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – One of the best parts of the holiday season is the home-cooked food and treats. Use these tips from the Central Mississippi Research and Extension Center (CMREC) to avoid the unwanted holiday pounds this year.

Registered dietician and CMREC Extension Service Instructor Qula Madkin said no foods are off-limits at a holiday party, but that there are still wise choices that can be made.

Madkin said it is important to avoid not eating all day to indulge at a party. Eating some fruit, vegetables or grains before a party will help you avoid overindulging.

She also recommended filling up half of your plate with vegetables. Try grabbing lean proteins that are baked or grilled to avoid fried foods, too. Heavy cream sauces or cheese are other items that can be avoided.

Survey all of the food options before getting in the serving line as well. Madkin said serving lines can cause you to keep adding more food to your plate as you make your way down the line. She encourages checking out all of the options before getting in line.

Madkin reported that the daily drink limit for women is one and two for men. She recommends having a glass of water between each drink. Or, opt for a fun, low-calorie non-alcoholic drink instead.

“Laugh and engage with friends and family members. Enjoy in moderation. Have a piece of cake or two but have a plan in place. Remember, it’s not what you eat at a holiday party that’s going to harm your health. It’s what you eat everyday,” said Madkin.

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