MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – 12 News is Focused on Fitness this month. For this edition we are taking a look at how you can keep kids healthy by exercising.

Kids these days rely on technology now more than ever. Mannsdale Upper Elementary PE Coach Rolando Roman said while he is not against electronics, he believes in the importance of getting kids to ditch the gadgets and exercise.

“It is very important because exercising keeps your mind fresh,” said Roman, “You have a lot of oxidation to your brain, it keeps you alert, it keeps your blood circulating.”

So how can kids get active?

“I believe exercise is any form of movement,” said Roman, “It can be a walk around the neighborhood or working on the yard.”

With exercise comes endorphins.

“Endorphins are amazing,” said Roman, “They are natural painkillers. If you are stressed and you release those endorphins it allows you to calm down and relax.”

Regular exercise can help kids build strong bones and muscles. It also reduces anxiety and depression.

If kids start exercising at a younger age, they are more likely to exercise when they are older.