MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – On this edition of Focused on Fitness, we take a look at the importance of sleep and how crucial it is for your kids to get a goodnight’s rest.

Sleep is a major factor in the development of young minds. When kids lack sleep it affects them mentally, emotionally and physically. Mannsdale Upper Elementary PE Coach Rolando Roman said not having enough sleep can affect school performance.

“Your immune system drops, you tend to get sick more often, and your level of concentration is affected,” said Roman, “So it is not good overall.”

Sleep is essential for restoring the body. Roman said by adopting routines, kids can sleep easier. He also recommends avoiding certain things before going to bed.

“I avoid sugary drinks, caffeinated drinks and any type of TV show that is high engaging, violent or action packed,” said Roman.

Roman said it is important to explain to kids why they need to go to bed early.

“Have the conversation,” said Roman, “Explain to them how not going to bed early and not getting enough sleep affects them.”

When kids get enough sleep they not only do better at school, but they are happier people too.