Focused on Fitness: The Little Gym of Jackson teaches toddlers body control

Focused On Fitness

WJTV12 is “Focused on Fitness” for the month of April. This week, WJTV12’s Candace Coleman is exploring fitness programs catered to kids. She visited a class where toddlers are learning how to use their bodies.

With only months of walking experience, they have a while before they’ll run marathons or lift weights. But The Little Gym of Jackson is a start.

“He started walking while he was here. And he loves to run and play. He climbs everything,” said Judy Pritchard, who brings her grandson to the class each week.

Meghan Robinson brings both of her girls to The Little Gym of Jackson. Her youngest one is in the 19-months-old to 2-years-old class. “This is literally her favorite place in the entire world…She’s better at the playground. She’s better at climbing on things, she’s more confident.”

The instructors keep the class fun. But each exercise and piece of equipment also helps the kids learn balance, coordination, critical thinking, problem solving and strength. “How to get up and around the objects; how to jump off of them; how to turn around and go backwards…Just working on brain and directional movement,” Ashley Bratton, the gym manager said.

The class starts with a warmup which includes learning numbers and body parts. It’s followed by focused skill learning, free play, and a cool down including bubbles.

The parents even learn a thing or two. They learn different spotting techniques, so they can continue their toddler’s learning at home.

The gym offers classes for ages 6 months to 12 years. They also have summer camps.

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