Focused on Fitness: Working the core

Focused On Fitness

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Focused on fitness month continues as we finish a week of easy workouts you can do at home! 12 News’ Jacob Lanier is once again joined by wellness coordinator Adrianna Smith from Life of Mississippi.

After working arms and legs earlier this week, today we focus on the core. Side crunches are an easy way to strengthen our abdomen muscles. Lay down on your back with legs out straight. Putting hand behind your head, take one elbow and crunch up to touch your opposite knee. Work back and forth meeting your elbows and knees across the center of your body.

If you are more comfortable working out in a chair, lift your knee across your body to touch your opposite elbow. It will still give you a good core workout!

You can see all of our easy exercises from the week on the Focused on Fitness section of our website. Smith says that you should be doing these exercises one minute at a time, but you should try to get thirty minutes of active working out a day. That includes active walking or moving around.

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