JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Americans are increasingly prioritizing physical fitness, and one Mississippi gym owner is turning her fitness passion into purpose.

Miss Fits Fitness and Nutrition Studio is a gym dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, soul and spirit. The gym aims to create an up close and personal facility where people can exercise and not feel ashamed.

“We have lot of people that want to come and work out and not feel ashamed. We have that up close and personal facility,” said Laquida Sanders, the owner of the gym.

Sanders is battling lupus, but said she refuses to let the disease hold her down. She said one of her clients pushed her to not feel sorry for herself and to get back to work.

“This is my safe place right here. The gym is good for stress if I get here and sit down, I’m gone get up and start moving,” she said.

Sanders believes it’s not just about the physical aspect of working out, but one must first get their mind in order and everything else will fall in place.

Sanders’ son was involved in a car accident back in March that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Through perseverance and faith, Sanders’ son took his first steps again in her gym.

In the face of adversity, Sanders found strength through clients like James Robinson, who sought help to regain mobility after being shot.

“I had been laying on my back for seven to eight months, and I finally got out, and I went and seen Ms. Laquida, and I told her I need some help,” said Robinson.

He said he was at home on Christmas Eve, and a bullet came through his front door and struck him in the foot.

“I thought it was over with, but God said it’s not over he still got something for me,” said Robinson.

The former football player said he misses being in shape, but the chance to be able to get around and do some of the things he used to do would be wonderful.

Many clients come to the gym to lose weight, but they leave with a renewed mind.

“Regardless of what you do .no matter what obstacle occurs, you got to get up and move,” said Sanders.