Mother’s Day is faster approaching and it’s always better to get ahead of the crowd (online and in-store). Here are a few ideas for moms who love a good beach getaway or love to bring the goodness of the beach to their homes.

Bougie Beach Candles: These candles will bring the serenity of the beach to your living room, office space, or any place of your choosing. They are available in nine scents from Aloha Beaches to Vitamin Sea.

The Sunflow Chair: How about a beach chair that reclines in 4 different positions? Yes. That’s exactly what the Sunflow Chair does. This easy-to-carry, comfortable, and compact chair is the perfect addition to your beach travel kit or even your backyard.

Fringe Protein Bars (Variety Pack): Fringe Protein Bars really are protein to fuel your adventure. The bars come in a variety of flavors from Cashew Coconut to Chocolate Almond Butter, each packed with adaptogenic mushrooms and plants to keep you charged.