PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – Vashti Graham’s recent trip to Egypt wasn’t like any ordinary trip.

“That was just an awesome experience,” said Graham. “My sister and I held up their artwork traveling through the pyramid.”

Graham is going into her third year of teaching art at Pearl Junior High School. She thought of the idea to take at least 100 of her students’ artwork on her trip to Egypt over the Christmas break.

“It was my first time seeing how the inside of a pyramid looks,” said sixth grader Omarion Fletcher.

For students like Addie Anderson, it offers an opportunity for self-expression.

“I based it off a female pharaoh because I like that not all pharaohs are men. It makes it seem like women are also very strong,” said Anderson.

This creative assignment is just one of many.

The entire Pearl Junior High School also offers a pen pal program in Nigeria where students create different artwork for their friends in South Africa.