RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Love is in the air at Oakdale Elementary School and Richland Upper Elementary School. This Valentine’s Day, students at both schools in Rankin County are spreading the love to senior living facilities in the area. And what better way than to send a specially made card to show their gratitude.

It’s a day typically thought of gifting flowers or chocolate to your sweetheart or whoever that special someone is in your life.

These elementary students are taking it a step further by spreading love and kindness through even the smallest gestures. In this case, creating hundreds of creative, unique Valentine’s Day cards.

Hannah Edwards, a 4th grade teacher at Richland Upper School Elementary is proud of her students. “Just being able to make cards for other people that they don’t always see. Making people feel good. Also, they love using colors and everything,” she said.

“I love it so much because people are always giving people cards, chocolate and flowers,” said Edwards.

The Valentine’s cards will be distributed to Ridgeland Assisted Living and Plan View Assisted Living Home in Richland.

It’s Lindsey Martin’s first time taking part in this labor of love with her students.

“It’s just a special moment to see my kids do something for others. They get to put themselves in [their] shoes and do something for someone else,” said Martin, a 3rd grade teacher at Oakdale Elementary School.

Richland Upper Elementary’s choir will also be delivering singing grams at school for a dollar on Valentine’s Day.