Art classes enriching lives of homeless in Jackson

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Being homeless in Jackson is more than not having a home to come to at night. It’s not knowing the simple luxury of a warm shower, or the comfort of a soft bed or even a family to come home to and tell about their day. 

It can be lonesome.  But… one morning per week, those worries are pushed aside and replaced with laughter, on Capitol Street.

Volunteers at the non-profit group HeARTworks, at the Stewpot, say they aim to project God’s love, providing friendship and building self-confidence through art lessons and self- expression.

Each Tuesday, participants are given a different theme, by which they paint.

This week, they put oil to canvas, illustrating historical spots from the capital’s downtown.

Artists there show up early before the doors open and say they really look forward to the projects on Tuesdays.

Stacy Underwood, who founded HeARTworks around a decade ago, says the artworks are for sale at just $5-a-piece, which helps furnish supplies and snacks. 

With less than a handful of volunteers however and slim donations for art supplies, Heartworks organizers sometimes struggle to make it happen each Tuesday. 

Underwood says one artist there asks each week, “has one of my paintings sold yet?” She regretfully replies “no.”

She says she’d love to see local businesses and restaurants showcase the artworks to the public and help the good cause.

These paintings hung alongside artwork of other artists would provide “balanced representation” of local talent, she adds.

To get your hands on one of these works of art and keep the program going, or to volunteer on a Tuesday, just go to and check it out. The group is also on Facebook.

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