HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – As supply chain issues continue across the country, those issues are also impacting baby food.

Supply chain issues and a massive recall in February of Similac products have left grocery store shelves bare, with other baby formulas now sold out. The recall included three types of powdered formulas: Similac, Similac Alimentum and Elecare. The recall may have affected one common infant formula brand, and shortages are affecting many babies.

“Since the Similac recall of formula, we’ve had some parents, especially just at the start, calling to ask what they should do, which formula they should switch to. We’ve had it trickle down, now affecting our mommas that use the Enfamil brand,” said Hattiesburg Clinic Pediatric Clinic Pediatrician Victoria Silvis.

The doctor said mothers are calling in and asking for guidance because they can’t find formula on the shelves. Another mother said she found shelves completely empty.

“No food. Like none at all. All the formula he uses is hypoallergenic. It really doesn’t bother us because we try to do as much natural stuff as we can. Some baby food really isn’t too much good,” said Prentiss neighbor Olivia Hosey, who traveled to Hattiesburg to find baby formula.

The Walmart on Highway 49 has food, but the Walmart on Highway 98 does not. Corner Market also seems to be restocked, so is Ramey’s in Purvis. If you can’t find baby food, doctors advise that mothers don’t try to spread the formula they do have.

“Watering down formula isn’t okay. It can lead to seizures in babies. It’s really important that babies get their full strength formula. If they’re having problems finding it on shelves, they talk to their doctors,” said Silvis.

According to doctors, nonmedically fragile babies can switch to generic formulas. However, medically challenged babies must work with their WIC representatives and local pediatricians to they can get the formula they need.

Doctors said families can try ordering formula online while shortages last.