JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – The NICU babies at the Children’s Hospital in Jackson received luxury space for the proper therapy that is needed to ensure the health of the babies.

A few of the NICU rooms in the new tower at the hospital have focused on providing more space in addition to featured essentials for babies who are born prematurely.

Leaders of the NICU rooms decided to foster an environment that provides private rooms where lightning is controlled to support a healthier environment for the babies to grow.

“This allows a change of environment for those babies, as well as more freedom to move and explore their environments,” said Iesha Smith, pediatric occupational therapist.

Smith said they were previously only able to treat the babies in the NICU in their cribs or in their laps.

Within the new rooms, there’s additional room for seating babies in developmental equipment such as bouncy seats, swings, and high chairs without interfering with the nurse’s care.

Leaders of the NICU also decided that by renovating these rooms, it would be essential that they provide a proper space for parents to sleep overnight beside their babies in the new tower.

The rooms feature a sofa and restroom with a shower, so parents can spend as much time with their babies. With parents spending the night, doctors said this helps parents learn from therapists and care providers about how to properly care for their babies before they’re discharged.

Many NICU babies and their families have experienced the renovations that have been made to the rooms.