City of Jackson Transportation preparing for coronavirus

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — With the Coronavirus now in neighboring states like Tennessee… the worry for it spreading is only growing, especially in travel settings.

Christine Welch with JTRAN explained that knowing what we are up against is imperative…

“The federal transit administration reached out to us earlier this week,” Welch said. “[They] gave us notice just to start being vigilant and making your sure your drivers and making sure your employees are all making sure that they understand how the virus is transmitted and how they can be proactive in the process of ensuring that their passengers as well as themselves are safe.”

Welch said that they are doing everything they can to keep their passengers safe and out of the coronavirus’ way, one of the things they are doing to ensure that is doubling up on cleaning rounds.

“The enhanced portion now is that we’re doing more intense wiping of the buses as they’re coming in,” Welch explained. “Some of the drivers also have the wipes with them as well so they do a scrub down if they’ve encountered just the general public who may be coughing and things of that nature.”

Welch said that they are giving additional sanitary provisions to staff during this time.

“We’re gonna equip them with hand sanitizer, wipes and things of that nature so they themselves can interact on the day to day because they’re on the bus for eight hours,” Welch said.

Welch added that she is not nervous about the coronavirus plaguing our city, due to the diligence of her staff.

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