JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It was a heartwarming turnout of support to help bring awareness to heart health issues.

Heart disease is one of America’s leading causes of death. On Saturday, the Heart Walk Association held their annual 5K walk fundraiser to bring awareness and honor those affected by heart health issues.

With community support this year, they were able to raise $150,000.

“We were fortunate we raised $150,000. That money is going to be put to good use to make people aware that we need to stay healthy. That’s why people out here now are working out and exercising. We’re about to have a 5k walk because we want the whole community to stay healthy,” said Robert Gibbs, chairman of the 28th Heart Walk Association.

Despite the rain and near freezing temperatures, hundreds of people came out to support the cause.

“With the weather the way it was and the little rain this morning we were concerned but look at it. We got a great crowd out because everyone wants to support heart health,” said Gibbs.

“I had a recent heart surgery and because of that I felt it was important to participate to help bring awareness to the cause. Heart disease runs in many families, so we have to take care of our heart because we don’t get but one. If you get a second chance and you have problems with your heart now and you do get a second chance, take better care of your heart. Be sure to do it. Walking is the simplest thing you can do,” said Renee Truss, a heart surgery survivor and walker.

Be sure to pay attention to any chronic chest pain or abnormal heart activity. Exercising and staying active are the best ways to keep the heart healthy.