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As WJTV 12 continues its mission to spread awareness about mental health and access to those services, one issue we wanted to address is chemical dependency.

Experts say alcoholism and drug dependence are often categorized as mental health issues. Some many not realize it, but addiction is classified as a disease. Attorneys say if it goes untreated, it can lead to legal problems for the person suffering.

“If families can intervene and get someone the help they need for their drug addiction or their alcoholism, they may be able to prevent that person from suffering some legal consequences,” attorney Kelly Kyle said.

Kyle has been practicing law for more than 20 years in Central Mississippi. He says in that time he has helped hundreds of families with getting a relative in some sort of chemical dependency medical treatment, often times against their will.

“People that suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction typically won’t get that help on their own unless something catastrophic happens,” Kyle said. “People that have family members suffering from chemical dependencies need to know that there are things that can be done. There is help that’s available for them.”

One is the best to do is know your options. There are facilities like the state hospital at Whitfield , which treats men and women at the same time. We are told however, users should keep in mind there can be a long the waiting list to get help.

There is a facility for men operated by Region 8 Mental Health in Mendenhall, and Copiah County also has a facility for women.

In the Jackson metro, Harbor House Chemical Dependency Services accepts both men and women in South Jackson.


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