HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – While summer can bring about lots of fun and relaxation, soaring temperatures can also leave us sweaty, uncomfortable and dehydrated.

Doctors said when you’ve become over heated you should target two places on the body to help cool you down.

“You need to cool down for number one you need to get in the shade you need to hydrate and you need to put ice packs on points like under your arms or in your groin area because that will cool you off the fastest,” said Dr. John Gaudet, Former Dcotor, William Carey Medical Professor.

The doctor said targeting those two large artery areas will help to quickly transfer heat from the body faster than anywhere else. Another doctor recommends parents should make sure kids are taking in more fluids than they are letting out.

“Their output can be with their wet diapers and with how much their peeing but it’s also with how much they are sweating and so you have to play close attention to how sweaty your children are to gauge how much water that they need the more that they are sweating the more water they need,” said Dr. Victoria Sivils, Pediatrican, Hattiesburg Clinic.

Over heating can be tricky, one minute you’re fine, next minute you’re sick, but there are two kinds of heat sickness according to doctors. 

“Heat exhaustion which is when your heart rate is elevated and you skin is hot and you don’t feel well you may feel nauseous you can sit down in the shade cool down hydrate heat stroke is where you have neurological complications which is you may pass out or you may have vertigo or dizziness and those are more serious and you need to go to the hospital for those situations,” said Dr. John Gaudet, Former Doctor, William Carey Medical Professor. 

Doctors said people should avoid being outside from 12 noon and 6 pm because that’s the hottest part of the day. If you’re looking for somewhere to go, cooling stations in Hattiesburg will be opening Wednesday, June 22 at C.E. Roy Center and Jackie Doyle.