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When it comes to dealing with mental illness,  simply finding care can be a challenge.   In some places- there are limited options.  WJTV 12’s Justin Devonn introduces us to one doctor who is working to fill a void in Mississippi 

Kings Daughters Medical Center welcomes a new medical center and part of its vision for the city of Brookhaven. Dr. David Richardson, MD is the new Medical Director of Behavioral Wellness, he explains more.

“One of the visions is to offer different levels of care and different types of care to the people”

Richardson is a licensed psychiatrist. His goal is to provide help and support to those dealing with a mental illness in rural Mississippi.

“A lot of my patients traveled to see me from either Brookhaven, McComb or Natchez. That’s because that corner of Mississippi did not have outside mental health centers, did not have a free-standing clinic for people to go to”

Dr. Richardson explains that mental illnesses deserve the same attention as other health issues.

“From what I’ve seen there has been the stigma of mental illness we are the one form of medicine where you can’t see where it bleeds and we are probably the only form of medicine where if you just made up your mind you wouldn’t have to be sick”

But in some small towns, it is ostracized and hidden.
 “Everybody knows everybody else’s business and know what goes on, there is a lot more stigma. Attached to somebody struggling with something like depression, or something like a manic episode, or struggling with other psychiatric issues”

For Dr. Richardson, it’s personal.  He’s a Brookhaven native and proud of the work he’s doing in his hometown 
 “The hospital approached me at a time in my life where it just seemed to fit in the right place. I had reached a point where both my child Had gone away to school so I, why am I in Jackson when there is a lot of people in Jackson. Which a town that I have family in and I’m still connected to, is a touching basis with me because they want to do something that the town has needed for a long time”
 and he begins his first step to change with his own —-community

“I felt a sense of a chance to give back to the town and come here and do something that I have known is a real need”

The Kings Daughters Medical Center for mental and behavioral wellness is not age-based—-everyone is welcome to receive the help they need.

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