Gateway Rescue Mission fights homelessness and mental illness

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Across the country, one-third of homeless people are living with mental illness, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Here at home, there are many groups teaming up together to support those who have nowhere to go and battle with those medical needs.

Gateway Rescue Mission is a faith-based organization to help people get back on their feet.

On any given night these beds give men a place to lay their heads like Clifford Metheny who’s been homeless since February.

He quit his job and couldn’t make ends meet, then went to the Salvation Army in Meridian. He says the shelter there shut down temporarily. Staff at that Salvation Army location told us they are in a reorganization process, hiring new staff at the shelter and should reopen in a couple of weeks. Metheny said thankfully he heard about Gateway from a friend and came to Jackson.

Metheny is estimated to be about 30 percent of people who come to Gateway because of hard times.

The other 70 percent according to the program director 70 percent have a mental illness.

Gateway teams up with agencies like Hinds Behavioral Health and other support groups.

Ford says he has seen more mental illness in recent years.

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