‘International Epilepsy Day’ celebrates Crystal Springs girl’s journey

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CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. (WJTV) — February 8 is International Epilepsy Day, and the Epilepsy Foundation of America’s Mississippi chapter is excited to celebrate many people’s victories against it.

Claire Pecot from Crystal Springs has been wrestling with epilepsy for eight years, and while it’s been uphill battle, she has used her struggles to empower herself and others going through the same thing. She has some great news.

“A few months ago we had my last EEG,” Claire said. “It showed there are no more signs of epilepsy and now the neurologist wants to ween me off my medicine.”

During the time when fighting was the hardest, she worked to become the first Epilepsy Foundation Kids Crew pins in 2020 to earn every pin, making her the first and only Kids Crew “World Changer” from Mississippi. Empowering other children to join her in the fight. 

Claire’s parents said that sometimes it was just as difficult for them to watch their daughter struggle.

“It’s hard to see your child go through something where you can’t take away their suffering,” Jessica, Claire’s mom said. “It’s kind of out your control.

Her father added that they are so pleased with her activism.

“It’s incredible,” Damon Pecot, Claire’s dad said. “It’s amazing. I couldn’t be more proud of her and all of them because her sisters help.”

Claire has a message for anyone in the same boat that she was:

“I want to encourage them to be part of the Kids Crew and raise awareness in their own ways,” Claire said.

She added that she could not have done it without support from her family, friends and the Epilepsy Foundation’s support.

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