JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Lucky Leaf Expo will host a trade show on October 7 and 8 at the Jackson Convention Complex.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are expected to open across the state before the year ends.

“We believe the Mississippi market will be tremendously large because of the no cap license that the state has finalized with the passing of the bill. Anyone can get a license there are unlimited amounts, usually what we see in other states that have caps on licenses is that the market doesn’t have an opportunity to grow. It’s kind of like watering a plant three times a week versus everyday. If you do it everyday, it’ll grow a lot stronger and bigger and will look a lot better, so for markets with no caps, the opportunities are endless for that,” stated Chad Sloan, a partner with Lucky leaf Expo.

The trade show will offer panels from industry experts, booths and opportunities to network. Some of the panel topics include marketing management, developing industry-specific standard operating procedures, cultivation best practices, and licensure how-tos.

“There’s a lot of buzz right now. We get calls from Tupelo, Ole Miss. We have several students coming from Ole Miss to the show. We have a lot of people from the coast coming. Jackson is central, so a lot of people will be coming to the show. Everyone is excited. It’s the first major one in Jackson, or in Mississippi since the laws have passed. There’s a lot of buzz right now,” explained Sloan.

Infused cooking demos will take place on both days.

Registration for Lucky Leaf Expo Jackson is currently open and tickets will be available at the venue during the show.