Jackson VA Hospital opens new Tele-ICU for patients

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Health workers at the VA Hospital in Jackson celebrated a technology providing 24/7 intensive care. With the push of one button, clinicians will have the ability to consult patients in real-time using audio-visual technology.

“It will provide an extra level of safety and care for the patient when there is a lag between physicians MD staff to get into the ICU,” said Dr. Rajesh Bhagat.

Tony McLauria, a nurse manager at MICU, said, “With everything that we do here, they can see everything that we do there. That’s one of the strong points of having this system. They can see the EKG. They can see the lap work. They can see any dynamic change and physiology that may occur with a patient.”

Physicians said the primary goal of the Tele-ICU is to provide exceptional fast care to critically ill veterans.

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