JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Dr. Errick L. Greene, superintendent of Jackson Public School District (JPS), in partnership with the African Diaspora Consortium (ADC), plan to launch an exploration about the experiences of JPS middle and high school students living in multigenerational households.

The research will explore the effects of COVID-19 and chronic illnesses on students’ physical and mental well-being as well as their academic performance and outcomes.

Studies suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic increased depression and diminished school performance in students due to changes in their emotional/mental health and its impact on the many families regardless of racial/ethnic identity. This extensive evidence supports that it is important and necessary to hear the lived experiences of students living in multigenerational homes during the pandemic.

“This unprecedented pandemic, disparities related to chronic diseases, and the growing numbers of students living in multigenerational housing provide a unique opportunity to conduct an exploratory study on this important, yet little studied, intersection of healthcare challenges, students’ living conditions, and educational outcomes on middle school and secondary students,” said Dr. Kassie Freeman, president and CEO of ADC.

Researchers will begin data collection in June 2022, with an early findings report set for July 2022 and the release of findings by early August 2022.