JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – According to the Alzheimer’s Association, June is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month but it is also Brain Awareness month.

The entire month of June raises awareness for those who suffered from Alzheimer’s and brain diseases. It also encourages all Americans to adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce the cause of these diseases.

Many associations and physicians want to try to educate the importance of getting screenings at early stages.

Kevin Sullivan, assistant professor of Medicine – Division of Geriatrics at The MIND Center, said starting with better lifestyle habits such as maintaining a healthy diet, preventing alcohol and tobacco, and much more to prevent these diseases early on.

“I consider brain health much more than marathonic commitment to healthy lifestyle choices,” said Sullivan. “Those are going to help more than different tricks that we like to read in articles.”

Sullivan said even though he encourages to practice these better lifestyle habits, the habits don’t fully prevent those individuals from getting any brain disease.

Practicing better mental and physical exercises are also encouraged to increase the health of the brain.

To schedule a appointment for a brain screening or for more information, contact 601-496-MIND.