JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – After another mass shooting in the United States, local organizations are working to break the stigma around mental health.

“Well, it’s a collective grief that we experience from accumulated violence. We’ve had that in Buffalo and probably Texas. First of all, I think adults need to be able to process that information and get their head around and understand their feelings, and how it’s affecting them and have conversations with other adults, with friends and family,” said Dr. James Herzog, chair of the Mississippi Board of Mental Health.

Local health officials said you should not feel embarrassed to seek help in order to find resources to aid in coping.

“Especially for parents. They need to be able to understand themselves and how they’re feeling and the situation, and how they feel before being able to go and talk to their children about what happened, because children look to them on how to respond and how to react, and they’re not handling it well. The children will not handle it well,” said Herzog.

Finding a support group, therapist or leaning on your family are some ways to cope after a tragedy.

Mississippi has community mental health center crisis services in all 82 counties. Their number is 1-877-210-8513.