JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and health experts are encouraging Mississippi women to make sure they’re receiving the appropriate mammograms.

According to HelpAdvisor, studies have shown that Mississippi is the 9th leading state in the nation where women are not following mammogram recommendations. Statistics show that exactly 26.5% of women, ages 50-74, in Mississippi have not received a mammogram in two years.

In Mississippi, the City of Jackson is ranked at the 11th highest city in country of women not getting a mammogram. Gulfport is the 14th highest.

Christian Worstell, senior writer at HelpAdvisor, said the numbers are very alarming across the board.

“It’s pretty scary when you look at these numbers,” said Worstell. “That’s moms, daughters, sisters. So, it’s kind of scary how many women in your life are not taking those recommended steps in getting the mammogram.”

Some reasons women my be skipping mammogram appointments may be due to a lack of knowledge about mammograms or their financial status.

“I mean I’m guilty of it myself of not wanting to go to that yearly physical exam because of not wanting to hear bad news, but you have to put that fear aside and just do it because it’s costing lives,” said Worstell.

Officials at HelpAdvisor said patients should discuss mammograms with their doctors, as well as talk to their insurance providers. Most insurance providers will cover mammograms due to ACA regulations.