JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As Americans transition to a new normal after the Pandemic, mental illness diagnoses have seen a dramatic increase. 

According to a November report from the American Psychological Association, adults ages 35 to 44 experienced the highest increase in mental health diagnoses (45% reported a mental illness in 2023 compared with 31% in 2019). Adults ages 18 to 34 reported the highest rate of mental illnesses at 50% in 2023. The APA poll surveyed 3,185 people across the United States. 

Among adults, 37% said they have a diagnosed mental health condition – a five percentage point increase from pre-pandemic levels in 2019 (32%).

Nearly half of all adults –47%– wish they had someone to help manage their stress. Below is a list of resources within the Jackson metro area to help do just that. 

Psychology Today

Psychology Today provides a list of trained counseling professionals, psychiatrists and more from across the Magnolia state and nation. They provide counseling on a variety of issues, from anger management to marriage counseling. Many accept insurance or adjust their session rates on a sliding payment scale. Some therapists offer telehealth services exclusively, but others also offer in-person services. 

The website also posts articles on its website. Psychology Today is well known for its monthly magazine of the same name. 


GoodTherapy offers essentially the same thing that Psychology Today does. It also provides resources specifically for those with anxiety or depression.  


Thriveworks, like GoodTherapy and Psychology Today, can help Mississippians get in contact with mental health professionals. The website, however, focuses on connecting people to mental health professionals who accept insurance. It also emphasizes getting services quickly, as soon as the same day, and even on weekends. 


TherapyDen is another resource intended to connect clients with clinicians either virtually or online. It also provides a plethora of resources on different mental conditions, issues which people often seek therapy for, and more. 

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

Open Path helps to address a significant barrier that bars many from seeking therapy: cost. When asked why they don’t seek treatment, 37% of adults in the APA survey cited a lack of insurance. Psychotherapy sessions cost between $40 and $70. Sessions led by student interns cost $30.

If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline network is available 24/7 via phone at the number 988.