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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Someone once said that our best-laid plans often go awry. That certainly has happened with the coronavirus lurking about. One of those plans was the Jackson Garden Club’s ‘April Garden Tour.’

However with the help of emailed photos and phone interviews, we’re going to do the next best thing to being in those gardens off-and-on over the next few week. And we start today with the garden of Polly Bourne, which is located just behind Covenant Presbyterian Church on Ridgewood Road in Jackson.

As a matter of fact, Polly’s garden is on land owned by Covenant Presbyterian. The church cleared some pines right behind her house, and she was given permission to make her garden there.

“Years and years ago when I was a stay at home mom with three little boys, I had a friend who would just leave little David Austin roses in my kitchen. It was at a time I was just changing diapers, my house was a wreck and there was something magical about those roses left in my house. Years later as I got older when a friend needed a pick me up or there was an illness or a death, I would go buy flowers,” explained Polly.

And the magic flowers could bring was the seed planted in Polly Bourne’s spirit that eventually grew into the garden that she has between her house and Covenant Presbyterian Church.

“I did not know this, Walt, but the garden has taught me so much about life and everything. It has taught me about the goodness of people, the kindness of people. I have had neighbors who I’ve never met, who have stopped and encouraged me and thanked me for the garden.”

Polly Bourne’s garden was one of the one’s on the Jackson Garden Club tour this year. And Polly says she thinks they had a special reason to pick hers.

“It’s not because it’s an amazing garden. It’s because they want people to see you don’t have to be the gardener with a garden under you. I do all of it by myself. They just wanted people to see that it can be a garden just for a garden’s sake. What makes you happy and that it is doable by yourself, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. Anybody can garden. Even someone who four years ago knew nothing and still is learning everyday.”

If you are at home for the endurance, get a packet of seeds or some bedding plants and a shovel or even a bucket and grow a garden for something to eat or for flowers to give away.

Because of the sponsor’s continued support, the Jackson Garden Club will still make a contribution to the Greenwood Cemetery Association with proceeds from the year’s Garden Tour. 

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