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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A friend asked several weeks ago if I could do some stories about the gardens that were to have been included in the Jackson Garden Club’s spring tour, since the tour had to be called off this year. And people had gone to so much trouble to get their yards in shape to be toured. Well, this is the last of them. It is a formal garden and Christi Walker supplied the pictures.

I almost feel as if I need to talk in hushed tones about this garden, because Christi Walker says this is a private place. This is her sanctuary; her and her family’s. It is so private that Christi would rather I described it for her, so she wouldn’t have to talk about it herself. I think I understand that. I know when someone is asking me about something that is very personal to me, I tend to be very guarded with my words. And perhaps a bit uneasy, lest I let slip more than I had intended to share.

Well speaking of sharing, Christi told me first of all, that this isn’t all of her yard and garden. But this is the part of it they are willing to show. And even then, it must feel like somebody’s reading your diary as they walk down the pathways and examine the trimmed boxwoods and look up into the crepe myrtles. There must be a concern that even in this glimpse you may reveal too much. Concerned you’ve slipped and alluded to the “more” of yourself that you really wanted to keep to yourself.

But Christi says she likes the structure, the formality of her garden. The organization is comforting to her. And that stability is especially important in the world we are living in right now.

As far as color, aside from accents here and there, she uses white to fill in the shadows. It keeps with the formality. And when she needs colorful cut flowers, she buys them. She doesn’t grow them. 

I’ll quote a sentence that Christi Walker wrote to me about her garden. She says, “This is a private part of our life. It is our comfort place where our children, friends, George and I go.”

We all need our garden, our quiet spot, whatever it may be for us. Our respite from the rest of life. Our little world in the midst of the big world, where all of the cares and worries and concerns are left outside and only friends and family are allowed in.

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