Rainbows bring neighbors together amid COVID-19 outbreak

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PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – We are living in unusual times. Schools are out, and stores are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But in the Patrick Farms neighborhood, the imposed separation we are living under right now is actually bringing people closer together in spirit.

It all started with rainbows posted in windows. A couple of friends, Andrea Nash and Tiffany Burr, said things progressed from there.

“Well, the rainbows were really a very simple idea. I saw something on the internet, and I thought, you know, the kids are home. Everybody’s isolated, and we’re trying to get the kids out to exercise some. And it would just be something people could put in their windows. Almost like a scavenger hunt, or something that they would have to do. Exercising with a purpose,” explained Nash.

The neighborhood picked up on the idea, and the kids have made a game of seeing how many rainbows they can spot while they are out walking.

“My family and I rode around on our golf cart last night, and our five-year-old was counting. And we got up to about 120 and something. Andrea mentioned one of our neighbors, a eight-year-old little girl, who’s been counting them, and her count yesterday was about a hundred and forty three,” said Burr.

“We’re doing home school and that was a creative project that we did. Making some rainbows at the house. And it was really just a very simple idea that this neighborhood took on as a project, just to show community, love, hope, so that they’re all connected together. So that you feel like that you’ve got somebody near you that’s communicating that we’re all in it together,” stated Nash.

An outgrowth of the rainbows is hearts. They are posted on the mailboxes of healthcare workers.

“So if you drive through and you see a heart on a mailbox, then you know that’s a healthcare worker and maybe stop and pray for them, for their health and their safety and for their family,” said Burr.

Other neighborhoods have posted things like bears, so the kids can go on a bear hunt while they walk. In many places, people have put up their Christmas lights again to cheer people up.

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