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COLLINSVILLE, Miss. (WJTV) – Pastor Bill Freeman of the Covenant Life Church at Collinsville started out being intrigued by the wanderings of the nation of Israel as told in the Old Testament. That intrigue turned into a compulsion over the years. He poured a lot of time into studying particularly one aspect of the journey, the tabernacle where the nation kept their holy accouterments.

At the Promised Land Journey, in a building just behind Covenant Life Church near Collinsville, the culmination of Freeman’s journey is on display. He greets you at the door dressed as a priest and then spends the next few minutes or hours describing the replicas of the furnishings in the tabernacle that he spent a great many years researching and building.

“I’ve had some help on this. But this has been, at times, it was a lonely journey,” explained Freeman. 

A lonely journey that will help us take a mini journey that most of us will never get to take for real: to the Holy Land. And none of us would get to go back to this era depicted at the Promised Land Journey.

“But what I do is I show. I teach Jesus is all the pieces of the furniture.”

Now, this decades-long quest to build and house all of this has been a journey for Pastor Freeman, too.

“Changed. There has been a breaking in be through this journey to build a relationship.”

Freeman’s emphasis at the beginning was religion. But in building his relationship with God. Now, his emphasis is on relationships with people.

“What I am really, really doing here is attempting to help us all on our journey to be a better person.”

Collinsville is about half way between Meridian and Philadelphia on Highway 19. The Promise Land Journey has a web page and a Facebook page

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