Focused on Mississippi: Touring an English Garden

Living Local

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mary Ann Petro’s home fronts a lake along the Pearl River up in northeast Jackson. But Mary Ann’s inspiration for her flower garden comes from far away from Mississippi.

“Well the garden, we built this house in 1990. And my dream was to have an English garden. A little, tiny English garden. We named our house Swan Lake, and I proceeded to experiment to try to achieve the look that I was after,” explained Mary Ann. “So, it’s really been a wonderful, beautiful adventure. It continues to evolve and transform and surprise me with joy. I enjoy being outside. I enjoy just the beauty of nature’s, seeing it unfold in a flower. I believe God laughs in flowers. So, I have a lot of flowers. I’m an interior designer, so I love bringing the outside in, in my fabrics. So, it’s an inspiration to me to create interiors for clients. I think it’s just a real source of freedom to be outside and watch a flower open or plan a vegetable garden. Just a tiny little, a tiny little pot can bring so much joy in the everyday. It’s fun to share. And it makes you feel good to have something people might want to see.”

Mary Ann Petro says an English Garden is a structured randomness. If that’s the case, then I’ve been growing an English garden for years and never knew it, with the exception of the “structured” part.

But random or structured, formal of informal, flowers or vegetables or both, grab a shovel and some plants or seeds, sew some relaxation and rest your brain from the constant bombardment of COVID-19 for a while. There’s nothing we can do about the coronavirus, but there’s plenty we can do for ourselves in the meantime.

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