Focused on Mississippi: Touring Paula James’ English garden

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Sheltering in place is what lead to this story that we’re doing today, because the Jackson Garden Club’s annual Tour got canceled this year. So, we’re taking a tour of some of these gardens by actually going there by telephone and photographs.

But, we’re putting them on television, which occurs to me that probably a whole lot more of us are getting to see the yards than we would normally have had. Well this time, we’re going to visit the yard of Paula James in Jackson.

“Well, our house is a Georgian House. So, our garden started off as a true English garden. But, we have the deer population now. So, we’ve had to totally reinvent. Eric Case and Andrew Bell help me. And we’ve had to reinvent completely,” said James.

“Well, my mother gardened a lot. She was constantly changing our beds out. She was big into annuals. We had a boulevard across the street from our house in Arkansas, and she kind of took that on as her responsibility and also helped with some in our little small downtown area. So, I watched her and helped her a little bit, but mainly watched her in her gardening over the years. So, I learned it from her.

I have some old roses and that’s my favorite. Abraham Darby is my absolute favorite. It has a wonderful scent. The colors are a peachy pink. I don’t spray them with anything so it’s pretty disease resistant. And that’s why it’s my favorite.

We left a grassy area in the back, because we have three sons and they play, and now our grandchildren play. But we have a beautiful stand of trees in the back that I guess you could say came with the house. And when the afternoon sun filters through, it’s just so pretty. And I just sit on my porch and thank God for this beautiful world ha he gave us.”

I’m glad that yards are included in sheltering in place. As long as you are going to be in place, you don’t have to be bored or cooped up in the house. Get out in your yard. Go get you a packet of seeds or some tomato plants and plant something. Just because you are sheltering, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

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