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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Just like there’s a lot people on television who are working from home right now, the garden and home tour this month showcased by the Jackson Garden Club is only on television. All because of he same thing: the unprecedented quasi-quarantine imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Michelle Pharr’s garden was part of the tour this year before the cancellation. But Michelle says she’s enjoyed he garden a lot more than usual. Again, all because of the same thing- the corona virus.

“Well now that we’re on quarantine, yes. But before, we really enjoy it here. When I’m here I don’t want to go anywhere else, but I work every day just like most people,” she explained.

Michelle’s fondness for planting things goes back to her childhood.

“Well, it’s been my whole life. My mom, Mary Ann Petro, has instilled in everyone near that’s her, her love of flowers and beauty and nature. And it’s always been a part of who I am.”

Some people build their lives around their gardens. Well, the Pharr’s built their house around theirs.

“Well, I like to look at the views. That’s what we did with his house. Try and get views of the lake and views of the gardens and flowers.:

And just as Michelle acquired her love for plants from her mom, 9-year-old Elle, Michelle’s daughter, has already absorbed the unfolding of nature into her appreciation of what the world is all about.

“I like just watching how they turn out, and it’s just so pretty to look out my window upstairs and see the how the lake and the birds and the colors. Just makes me happy,” said Elle.

Don’t be afraid of color. Don’t be afraid of it. Just do what makes you happy, and you’ll be happy,” said Michelle.

In the garden and elsewhere in life, as long as we’re here, why not be happy? They don’t give points for being miserable.

Of the five gardens on the Jackson Garden Club’s tour this year, we’ve visited four of them. We will visit the last one Friday. And remember all of the gardens are on our web page,

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