Focused on Mississippi: Corporal Quentin McCall returns home

Focused on Mississippi

NEWTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Corporal Quentin McCall was buried this week at The Mississippi Veterans Cemetery at Newton after 78 years overseas.

McCall enlisted in the Marines in 1942 during World War Two. He served on Guadalcanal and the Battle of Tarawa Atoll. On the third day of the battle, McCall was killed by a sniper.

He was buried on Betio Island in a mass grave of American serviceman. The grave site was discovered in 2019 and the buried serviceman had to be identified. McCall finally returned to Mississippi this week after a delay caused by the identification process and COVID-19.

A motorcade escorted McCall to Chancellor Funeral Home in Byram for visitation. One of the few who remembers McCall was present. Billy Covington, McCall’s first cousin, visited him and remembers being twelve years-old when McCall joined the Marines.

After 78 years away, McCall was buried on Mississippi soil.

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