Focused on Mississippi: A Hot Hobby – Wood Burning

Focused on Mississippi

ROCKPORT, Miss. (WJTV) – Larry Hendricks is retired, sort of. In his life, he has been a missionary and then a high school Spanish teacher. Now in his retirement, he is a pastor. And retirement is really a misnomer. It is more the name given to a stage of life rather than to any lack of activity.

“There’s always something else you can do. It’s never really finished. A call to make, a visit to make, a sermon to prepare. It’s an ongoing thing,” said Hendricks.

Being always busy is not really good for you, especially if you are trying to fool yourself that you are retired. So, Hendricks developed a hobby about three years ago; wood burning. And he’s gotten quite good at it.

“I think everybody needs a pastime or a hobby. Something that they enjoy, something that’s fulfilling. It gets your mind off whatever is occupying your mind, you know. And it does let you just kick back, take your time and make something pretty.”

With the added stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us could use a diversion right now. And what Hendricks discovered works well for him.

“It’s not really that hard, you know. You’ve just got to learn the techniques. Plus, it’s a way for me to be creative. And I think, Walt, creativity is a gift of God. He’s the original creator. So if I can be creative and make something pretty, I enjoy that. That’s a blessing to me.”

When you put your whole mind into something else, it gives that part of your brain that you usually use a much needed break. Plus, you have something you can hang on the wall when you are finished.

Hendricks uses bass wood for his burning. You can get it at Hobby Lobby. But if you want the thick pieces with the bark on the sides, you have to order it online.

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