MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Mississippi. One of my favorite Christmas displays just went up at the Caboose in Madison. The Alvis Christmas Village. This is the 50th anniversary of the village being set up for the holidays.

It grew building by building, year by year starting with the church. For years, every Christmas season the ever-expanding village was set out in the front yard of Lester and Minnie Alvis’ home on Berkley Drive in North Jackson. Bill Alvis, their son, remembers it well.

“I was eight-years-old when this village was first started. My remembrance of Christmas is always around the Christmas village,” he said.

So many of us who’ve been around Jackson for some time have memories of visiting the Christmas village, either at the Alvis’ house, later at the Ag Museum or now at the Caboose in Madison. Amy Cummins, of Madison, thinks that the Village has established itself as a tradition in Madison now.

“Everybody will get out and walk around and look. There’s so much detail to each little house and each little church,” she said.

The village depicts a Christmas Eve in a small town. There are several buildings and stores. But the only one with people inside is the church. The only people outside are headed to the church. The craftsmanship on the buildings is amazing. Bill says they’re all built to blueprints drawn up by a neighbor of theirs in Jackson. His dad built them. They are impressive in the daylight, but at night they are really festive. 

“My dad probably spent a month to two months on each new building. He would work on it as he had time in his shop. II think he did it as a gift to the community to celebrate the Lord’s gift of Jesus to us,” said Bill.

Fifty years later, the Alvis Christmas Village is still giving. It’s another Mississippi Christmas tradition. It’s at the Madison Caboose telling us another holiday season is upon us.