WESSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A family in Copiah County had a hobby of collecting antique cars. They still collect them, but they’re now opening a museum on Saturday, November 4.

Kirk Hill, who is a Model T expert, told me about an automobile museum that Brian and Mandy King are opening at their farm near Wesson, so they would have a place to store and display their antique cars. Come to find out this is a fairly new hobby for the Kings.

“My wife and I began collecting antique cars about two years ago and ran out of room to put them really quick. She mentioned we should build a museum to put it all in. I kind of laughed it off. About three months later another car joined the family, and she said it again. So, here it is,” said Brian.

Now, they might have started collecting the cars a couple of years ago, but the seed for this passion was sewn in Brian back when he was a kid. He still remembers the exact vehicle that perked his interest in old cars.

“It’s a 1926 Ford Model T that I saw as a kid at the State Fair. Just the simplicity. How something so simple could be so fascinating,” he said.

Well, come full circle, that exact Model T is now in Brian and Mandy’s collection. 

But it was actually Mandy that got this museum ball rolling, with an old car they saw at an estate auction while they were looking for farm equipment.

“In the back was a car. And my wife wanted the car a little bit worse than I did and kept bidding and finally came home with it. And like potato chips, they say you can’t just have one,” said Brian.

There will be a ribbon cutting on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. The best way to find it is to go to their Facebook page.