NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) – Every morning, Brandon McRanie slips into his role of Gator Man on Gator Radio 104, and right down the hall Jimmie Allgood is Jim Bob on 107.1 The River. When they’re not playing music on the radio, they’re always up to something.

Lately, they’ve whipped up a celebration for an odd bit of information McRanie discovered while surfing for Bigfoot references on the internet. Three hundred years ago this year, a Jesuit priest was staying with the Natchez Indians when all of a sudden:

“There came a big scream and a noise in the woods. A ruckus. A ruckus,” McRanie said.

What scared the priest also scared the Natchez people he was with.

“These are folks that live in the woods, so this was something clearly different, and they called it a monstrous beast,” said McRanie.

Today, the creature is known as Bigfoot, so this journal reference from 300 years ago in Natchez is widely considered the first documented account of a Bigfoot encounter in North America.

With the 300th anniversary of the incident approaching, the appropriate response is obvious.

“Let’s have the Mislou’s Bigfoot Birthday Bash. We’ve been reaching out to many of the characters and fun folks I like on reality TV that are super duper excited coming to this event,” said Allgood.

This is a tongue in cheek celebration, but Robert Cloy from Natchez sees the serious side of Bigfoot, too, because he claims he saw Bigfoot.

“I saw some trees shaking, and I really looked, and I could see the silhouette of him holding trees like that. And then when he realized I saw him, he screamed at me again, and that really scared me,” said Cloy.

The party will be on in Natchez for the first weekend on November with Bigfoot burgers, Yeti spaghetti and birthday cake.