Focused on Mississippi: Brandywine Wall

Focused on Mississippi

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – It is a myth of great proportions. But like any good myth, the Great Wall of Mississippi is based in fact, but not so much fact that many people have ever heard of it. I wouldn’t have heard of it except a couple of fellows found a rock outcropping atop a rise in a patch of woods in Copiah County, And they found a New Orleans newspaper article a hundred years old about a great wall being built by a vanished race discovered near Brandywine Creek, Mississippi.

Well, this obviously wasn’t big enough for the three wagons. So what was the article talking about?

I pulled out my map and found Brandywine Creek. I was either in Jefferson or Claiborne County. The creek runs through both, and it was hard to tell where I was from the map. The creek has a rock bottom that drops into a small waterfall, but no rock wall nearby.

So I drove the roads that hugged the creek and got so far into the deep woods that I thought I was more likely to find Bigfoot than the Great Wall. 

Then, I rounded a curve and there was a yard full of rocks. This was unusual, considering all the rock I hadn’t seen so far. I knocked on the door of the house, and long story short, Jeff Leonard showed me where these rocks has come from; a small ledge or wall out behind his house. He told me his dad told him that if you cleared all of the trees and soil off, this table of flat rock would stretch a mile all the way back to Brandywine Creek. That would be big enough to fit the legend.

Now, I am not a geologist, but this looked more like a layer of sandstone that had weathered and cracked over the eons and not blocks of quarried stone brought here and fitted together by a lost race. Jeff made no claim that the rock bed was man-made. He just said they were heavy.

So another adventure that turned out better than I thought. I found what I was looking for. Plus the bonus of finding that quiet creek that will bear more study over the seasons.


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