Focused on Mississippi: Cat Tree Rescue

Focused on Mississippi

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WJTV) Don’t think a cat stuck in a tree doesn’t need to be rescued. The most common thing I hear is, ‘They’ll come down on its own when it’s ready.’ Or, ‘You’ve never seen a cat skeleton  in a tree.’

“Look. That kitty’s in trouble. We can help it. And they will not, some of them will not come down on their own. They will die up there. So yea, cats do need to be rescued,” said Bob Reese of Mississippi Cat Tree Rescue.

Rescuing cats is what Bob Reese does, on average about three or four times a month. Sometimes more.

“This particular month has been crazy. I’m already up to 10 for April,” said Bob.

Although Bob lives in Starkville, he will travel up to three hours from home to help a cat out of a tree. 

“I went down to Wiggins the other day. That was three and a half hours just below Hattiesburg,” said Bob.

This quest to extract stuck cats from trees started several years ago when Bob’s cat climbed into a tree and couldn’t get down. When he couldn’t find anyone nearby to help get the cat out, he did as we all would, looked up a You Tube video and decided to get the equipment and start rescuing cats himself. 

“The hardest thing is me thinking I’m not going to be able to rescue a cat. I’ve always been able to rescue a cat up until now,” said Bob.

It’s all about the kitty. It’s easy of the cat is cooperative. The hardest thing is if it’s a skittish cat that runs from you in a spreading tree- like a large oak tree.  They can get to places I’m not going to get.

Maybe the toughest rescue Bob Reese has had to do so far is get a cat stuck in a hole in a tree out and then down and then there are just those cats who aren’t that thrilled about being rescued.

But Bob has persevered so far, not only because is there a cat in a tree that needs to come down, but there are people waiting on the ground for a furry member of the family to come back home safely.

“Oh helping people for sure. I mean just whenever you get the kitty down and you reunite them with the owner, it’s a joy actually,” said Bob.

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