JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – They call this the season of lights, and we here in Mississippi put up enough lights to delight anyone who bothers to look out their car window when they drive around at night.

If you were Rip Van Winkle and awoke after a 20 year nap this time of year, you’d at least know it was Christmas without having to ask, because of all of the decorations. Modest strings of lights over a bush in the front yard to acres and acres of lights and figures and what all. 

Most of us were introduced to Christmas decorating with the Christmas tree. Well, if you like trees, make sure you check out the Governor’s Mansion. Their theme this year is All Roads Lead Home, so make sure one of your roads leads to the Governor’s Mansion. 

Merrehope Tour Home in Meridian always has fanciful and colorful trees in every room on both floors of both houses at their location. The admission fee is used to maintain the property for the community. 

But a unique Christmas tree display is always at The Towers Tour Home in Natchez. The hobby of one of the owners, Ginger Hyland, is collecting costume jewelry. Instead of just shutting pieces away in drawers never to be seen, she and her husband James set about decorating trees and pretty much everything else in the house with the jewelry at Christmas.

Looking over the Facebook pages and the Natchez Tourism site, there are a lot of tour homes in Natchez that are now decorating and opening for the Christmas season. Maybe there could be a Natchez Christmas Pilgrimage where the Spirit of Christmas Past is still alive, perhaps.

Leland in the Delta has a reverse Christmas parade that lasts the whole season. The cars pass by up on Deer Creek Drive while the floats are stationary on Deer Creek.

In south Mississippi, Columbia has become the center of Christmas spirit and activity over the past few years with ice skating and entertainment. 

But if you really want to let your imagination fly, and you have the time and patience, create your own holiday wonderland all to your taste by putting together a snow village. They can be any size.