Focused on Mississippi: COVID-19’s impact on tourism

Focused on Mississippi

NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi’s tourism industry has gone through very little in the past year, because they’ve had very little to do. Here are a few of my staple stories that I missed out on this past year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Natchez Spring Pilgrimage was canceled last year. The event is a big deal in Natchez. When there’s little or nothing open to come see, then there’s not going to be many people in town.

The spring performances of the tradition “Gold in the Hills” melodrama in Vicksburg were canceled. They did have two performances of the July run.

Music is also a huge attraction in Mississippi, especially along Highway 61. The Grammy Museum in Cleveland is a big draw when it’s open, as well as the B.B. King Museum in Indianola. When the music goes silent, the world comes to a halt. 

There was even a time when the number of people allowed in fishing boats was limited. No one was happy about that but the fish. If you didn’t know it, Mississippi has some of the hottest fishing lakes in the nation. You wouldn’t believe where all people come from to fish Grenada Lake or Lake Washington for example, when they’re allowed to put a boat in the water.

Relatively new ventures like Greenville’s Hot Tamale Festival are still too tenuous to take too many years off and come back.

Hopefully, this will be the year of the come back, because all of out tourists attractions are hoping that we will all come back soon.

Spring Pilgrimage is on this year in Natchez. It kicks off this Saturday and runs a month.  

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