Focused on Mississippi: Defining the Delta

Focused on Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – This story was prompted by footage my musician friend, Gus Mohame, shot of cotton being harvested. Get up above it like this and you can grasp the symmetry of the rows being gobbled up and the bolls thrown into the hopper of the picker. This looks so easy you’d think growing cotton is simple, but it’s a complicated dance.

The essence of the Delta is kind of like Paris or New York in a way; All of them are places, but they are as much a spirit as they are a dot on the map. The Delta by definition is a flat alluvial plane created by eons of flooding on the Mississippi and the Yazoo rivers, but a flat wedge of land from Memphis to Vicksburg is way short of what the Delta is. It’s more than can be covered in a sentence or paragraph or short story. Books have been written about the Delta, and I don’t know that and one of them covers it all. 

Churches populate the country side where little villages used to be. Sometimes the church is all that’s left. It was the music of the churches that bled over into Saturday night and changed tone from “Oh Lord” to “Oh Baby” and the Blues were born..


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