RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – We have great natural light shows in Mississippi, like the full moon. We missed the lunar eclipse on Sunday, May 15 because of another natural light show. We have a lot here, like thunderstorms. The light show this story is about isn’t on that grand of a scale, but it’s just as spectacular to me because of its rarity.

The footage is from last year, behind the Mississippi Craftsman’s Center in Ridgeland. It’s of the Snappy Sync Firefly Tour. I’m using last year’s shots because they are just beginning to emerge this year. They’re not quite this dense yet, but they will be in just a few days. These are synchronous fireflies. They don’t do the familiar lightning bug show. They have a graceful glow when they blink all at the same time.

Claire Graves gives tours of the Snappy Syncs behind the Mississippi Craftsman’s Center in Ridgeland.

“These fireflies sync up their flashes. You’ll see lots and lots of male fireflies, thousands of them out here. They sync up by seeing each other. Their flashes will all flash at the same time. Looks kind of like twinkle Christmas lights,” said Graves.

We’ve only known about the Snappy Sync variety of lightning bugs being in our area for just a few years. Their habitat is so specialized that they’re not a variety you’d easily come across. They like deep woods. They don’t start blinking until after it’s good and dark. Places you wouldn’t normally be, unless you’re looking for Bigfoot. Right behind the Craftsman’s Center on the Natchez Trace is a good habitat and it’s easy to get on a foot path.

“One of the things that keeps people from being really familiar with them is they only come out for about two or three weeks a year. If you’re not in the right place at the right time, it’s easy to miss them,” said Graves.

Now, we’re no longer in the dark about the Snappy Sync Fireflies. They’ll be putting on their annual show for the next couple of weeks. Another one of our native insects is also out, mosquitoes. Make sure you spray up before you wander out to see the fireflies.

Tickets for this year’s Snappy Sync Firefly Tour in Ridgeland are sold out. You can still see them at Jeff Busby State Park on the Natchez Trace in Choctaw County. They’ve always been spotted in many dark places, mainly between now and Memorial Day.