Focused on Mississippi: First Freeze

Focused on Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi will experience its first freeze of the season this week. Freezes reshape nature all the way around in the fall. It’s almost like it’s a different season; fall one and fall two.

Fall one is when the greens of summer fade into the reds and golds and browns of autumn. But that will come to an end with this first freeze. Some hearty leaves will hang on all winter.

For all of our seasons that seem to hang on way too long, this first fall is way too short for me. No sooner than our trees start to turn, some of them start to blanch duller and duller until they are drab. But I’m careful not to wish the brilliant part of first fall lasted longer or it wouldn’t be special.

What I’m not looking forward to this winter are the cold blasts that give you an ice cream headache just from breathing. Thank goodness we don’t have them with their single digit temperatures all that often here.

So, enjoy the last of first fall before the forecast freezes it away, and enjoy the dead of winter. In all actuality, it doesn’t last all that long. Last year about a month after Christmas Day, we already had daffodils already blooming along the driveway. It’s weather lasts too long or too short, but on a cold winter night like tonight, find a thick enough blanket to make it just right.


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