Focused on Mississippi: From Fair Thrills to Spooky Chills

Focused on Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Some people’s favorite time of the year is spring with its brand new greenery. Mine is fall, ith chilly air and all its colorful scenery.

I usually don’t write in verse. Why now, I don’t know the reason.

Oh well, here goes. Let’s try it out. And ode to the changing season.

It’s now past mid October.

We’ve finished with state fair.

The leaves are fading from summer green.

A chill’s in the evening air.

We look forward to the holidays,

With all their food and cheer.

But we’ve one more day to hurdle;

The spookiest of the year.

Before November’s Thanksgiving

With Turkey and over eaters,

We must maneuver Halloween

With its ghost and trick or treaters.

The tales are told of souls and haunts

And witches on their broom,

And shadows flitting through the night,

And ghosts in every room.

Haunted houses once were fun,

Their tales and lore and fantasy.

We’d believe enough to stay away,

But never took them seriously.

But could there be a grain of truth

In the tales we’ve all heard tell of?

Of wraiths and knocks and eerie lights

And things to stay well clear of?

Well, over the next few days and weeks

We’ll scrutinize some stories

Of haunted houses all over the state;

Leaving out anything gory.

We’ll hear believers and skeptics

And haunted house owners,

And from some specters themselves.

And I promise not to write more poems

And make a spectacle of myself.

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