HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Gertrude McCarty Smith’s paintings and poetry are on display at the Oddfellows Gallery in downtown Hattiesburg.

Smith began her art career at age 10 when she received her first box of crayons for learning how to milk a cow. She continued creating until she died in 2007 in her eighties.

She was not an artist by profession. She was a wife, mother and cake business owner. She would paint in her free time, and when she didn’t have free time, she still painted.

Smith attended a Mississippi Art Colony camp for the first time when she was 57 and never missed another for the next 15 years. The camps are a place for artists to come together to critique, compliment, teach and learn from each other.

Her legacy still lives on through her 13-year-old grandson, Avery Burlington, who has found his passion in photography.

Smith’s book “The World Beyond My Window” will also be on display at the gallery. Her work will be shown at Oddfellows Gallery until December 31.

Learn about the Gertrude McCarty Smith Foundation here.