Focused on Mississippi: Ghost Hunt in Natchez, Part 3

Focused on Mississippi

NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) – We’re continuing our ghost hunt at Magnolia Hall in Natchez. Ghost hunters use e-flux meters to check for the spirits.

“We use EMF detectors. They pick up and read electromagnetic fields. This is a Mel-meter. The Mel-meter, it registers EMF fluctuations and numbers. Also it takes temperature. Also with this one, it has a different feature- the RIM feature. Like, what you saw on the bed. Something gets close to this antenna- it will chime,” explained Brian Riley, who is a paranormal investigator.

So some of the tools of the trade that ghost hunters use to communicate with the sport world are things like flashlights that will go on and off on command. And then there’s the spirit box. The spirit box will speak for the spirit. And of course all of this is done in a totally dark room. So in order for you to do that you have to have in infrared light.

On Thursday, we’re going to find out who died at Magnolia Hall, when they died and if they still roam the halls.


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